Simplify The Complex

AI is sweeping through the business landscape,
making every function more efficient and accurate.
Now, it's here to fix the repetitive invoice-to-cash cycle.

BlackLine Cash Application is powered by AI and built by accounting and finance professionals to solve your greatest challenges.

It can be plugged into your finance function remotely in as little as four weeks. From there, it starts turning payments into cash and matching customer payments against customer invoices, and in 12 weeks, you could see up to 80% ROI.

Our proven implementation methodology delivers the biggest impact to your cash application processes in the shortest amount of time.

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Week 1

Preparing The Ground

BlackLine Cash Application responds to your business situation and needs. To begin identifying trends and offering predictions on things like debtor days and customer behaviour, we'll need to understand your existing data and examine:

Ledger Data

Customer Data

Bank Files


IP Addresses

SFTP Connectivity

Supported by:
Statement of Works
Interface Specifications

Week 2

Smart Setup

The remote, non-intrusive setup process tailors the automation to your business's needs.

We'll integrate these five aspects of your current accounts receivable process to accurately match customer payments against outstanding invoices:

Cash System

File Transfer



System Integration

BlackLine Cash Application works with any ERP,
in any currency or country.
“With BlackLine Cash Application, all parts of the process—application rates, turnaround time, unapplied cash, and team performance—are monitored and measurable. When we see an area for improvement, we can identify exactly what needs to be done and predict how the customer will benefit.”
Christoph Koenig, Director I2C,
Service Delivery EU & Global Process Owner

Week 3

How do we help you?

Now integrated with your accounts receivable process, BlackLine Cash Application is ready for exploration. We'll help your teams learn how to utilise it so their attention can be turned to value-added tasks. We’ll provide:

Super User

User Acceptance Testing

Supported by:
Statement of Works
Interface Specifications
With monotonous, repetitive, and manual activities now eliminated, your teams are happier and more motivated.

Week 4

Go Live

Start reaping the benefits of improved efficiency and effectiveness. You'll have greater cash flow visibility by understanding payment behaviours, see a reduction in process costs, and have 80% of payments fully matched within minutes in a single step.

Over time, machine learning enables continuous optimisation and drives the most efficient end-to-end process—fully applied and closed. You’ll be able to:

Go Live

Track Customer

View Dashboards

"At the commencement of go live, we knew what to expect and how we were going to quantify a return on investment for our key stakeholders. The journey since then has been seamless and the post-integration has been nothing short of world class."
Senior Credit Manager,
UPVC Manufacturer

Make smarter, more accurate
financial decisions.

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