BlackLine launches Cash Application

AI-Powered automation for Accounts Receivable


Ventana Research: The Impact of AI on Finance & Accounting

Futurists and software vendors have been pointing to a day when artificial intelligence (AI) using machine learning (ML) will perform miracles.

And while we’re still in the early days of AI and ML adoption, the experts say it’s time for Finance and Accounting to get moving.

AI will have an ever-increasing impact on finance and accounting departments.

Individuals’ productivity will increase. Tedious repetitive work will disappear. The quality of financial data and statements will improve. Those that adopt AI sooner will be able to hire and retain the very best talent.

Read this whitepaper by third-party analysts at Ventana Research to learn about the practical adoption and application of machine learning, and find out why finance executives must adopt a ‘fast-follower approach.’