Transforming Payroll with Automation

Whether your payroll team rolls into Finance, Shared Services, or HR, their complaints are typically the same: manual spreadsheets, lengthy year-end tax issues, wasted time researching and dealing with corrections, and frequent overtime required to get it all done.

Much of their time is spent reconciling data from different source systems and checking and double-checking that payroll balances are complete and accurate.

Why should a highly manual, yet critical process, be left behind when organizations are scoping their next finance transformation initiative?

Read this white paper to learn from experts, BlackLine and Clearsulting, about how your organization can transform the payroll reconciliation process and realize significant benefits, such as:

  • Decreased time spent correcting payroll errors

  • Improved internal controls around payroll

  • Reduced risk of over/underpayment of taxing authorities

The Future of Accounting Is Here