A Confidence Check for Finance & Accounting in France

There’s a stark disconnect between the promise of the cloud-connected, AI-driven future of Finance and the day-to-day reality of most finance and accounting professionals.

Are F&A leaders ready for the future? Do organisations really have the right tech, the right people, and the right processes required to support the future requirements of the business?

To help answer some of these questions, Capstone Insights commissioned a survey of 198 F&A professionals to explore how organisations in France are using software to meet their accounting and finance requirements.

Their findings shed light on disparities between perception and reality among F&A teams and leadership, when it comes to their understanding of current system capabilities and the level of effort involved in financial close processes.

Get your copy of the Capstone Insights report to discover the key takeaways, including:

  • One of the top drivers of systemic dysfunction, dissatisfaction, and an overtaxed workforce

  • How many respondents strongly agree that their organisations are making decisions based on incorrect or incomplete data

  • How many organizations are already using AI, machine learning, and/or RPA in accounting and finance

The Future of Accounting Is Here