BlackLine for Payroll

Payroll is critical for two key reasons: attracting and retaining top talent depends on it, and it’s significant to a company’s bottom line. Afterall, most employees wouldn’t work if they weren’t getting paid, and payroll is typically the single largest expense in the P&L.

Ongoing employee changes, tax considerations, and varying pay cycles make payroll uniquely complex. But this doesn’t mean there’s room for error. Companies need to get payroll right. Every time.

To do so, Accounting typically completes multiple data reconciliations between sources to ensure accuracy. These processes often rely heavily on spreadsheets, which absorb time and introduce risk of error.

Read BlackLine for Payroll to uncover why organizations are turning to technology to alleviate manual, error-prone activities.

This use case highlights:

  • Complex challenges facing payroll accounting teams

  • Unique applications of automation to drive efficiency

  • How BlackLine can help shift your payroll team’s focus to more value-add activities

The Future of Accounting Is Here