Accounting Automation in Retail: Five Leading Best Practices

No one argues that the retail industry has experienced a substantial transformation over the past several years.

The omnichannel experience, growing consumer payment options, and different systems to manage it all result in a downstream impact on Accounting.

But a heavy workload is not news to retail accounting teams. With large volumes of data coming from different sources, teams have struggled to reconcile transactions, post journal entries efficiently, and monitor key activities—often resulting in heavy use of spreadsheets to get it all done.

Experts from BlackLine and RSM have leading best practices to help your retail accounting teams automate manual processes to keep pace during the next wave of change. Read this white paper to learn:

  • Implications for Accounting due to growing industry complexity

  • Five proven best practices that top performing retail accounting teams use

  • Practical accounting automation use cases at two large retailers

The Future of Accounting Is Here