F&A Teams in Logistics and Transportation: Learn how to expand your role in finance

Friday, September 18, 2020 — 11:00 AM SGT

Over the years, we’ve seen macro shifts in the Logistics and Transportation sector that have expanded the role of finance. Coupled with the current distributed work environment, it does come across as a challenge to manage the ever expanding role and responsibilities of finance professionals. Aside, we believe that finance teams can and should contribute more to lead their organisation in improving its productivity.

In this one hour workshop, we will share how the finance role can overcome challenges to support their organization profitability goals and we will also be covering these important points.

  • Financial Close in this new virtual world and distributed work environment
  • Modern Accounting Practices
  • An introduction to BlackLine’s unified cloud platform

Regionally we are working with Brambles, an Australian listed company on how they had standardize and automate their close process, and in return reduce risk, increase visibility and free up time to take on other expanded responsibilities. Based on what we’ve seen, manual accounting processes is just not sustainable and there are solutions that can move finance professionals from mundane finance tasks, freeing up their time to add real value to their organisations.

Join us at our Virtual Workshop on Friday, 18th September at 11:00 AM SGT for an interactive discussion with our BlackLine and LanciaConsult experts, and you can look forward to an interactive discussion amongst your peers.

Looking forward to seeing you online on Friday, 18th September.