How F&A teams in F&B builds resiliency in these uncertain times

Friday, September 11, 2020 — 11:00 AM SGT

We’ve noticed some significant challenges that F&A teams is currently facing – From time spent on high volume transactional data, timely revenue recognition from different payment platforms, to online delivery reports to bank statements. These challenges, coupled with a distributed work environment, repetitive manual tasks and the ever increasing responsibilities has become overwhelming. We believe that F&A teams can have a more sustainable solution in mitigating these challenges and should contribute more to lead their organisation in improving its productivity.

In this one hour workshop, we will share with you the ways F&B teams can build resiliency and overcome these challenges, and we will also be covering these important points:  

  • Financial Close in this new virtual world and distributed work environment
  • Ways and strategies that will help your business to be future-ready
  • How you can plan for F&B finance transformation vision and journey

At BlackLine, we work with Dominos, a multinational pizza restaurant chain, to automatically reconcile every credit card transactions for all its locations and franchises and this can help them to ensuring faster payment and even helping payment providers find problems in their processes. Our workshop aim to share some of the best practices on how our customers like Dominos utilises BlackLine to overcome these challenges, automate those time-consuming manual tasks & achieve cost effective financial closing.

Join us at our Virtual Workshop on Friday, 11th September at 11:00 AM SGT for an interactive discussion with our BlackLine and LanciaConsult experts.