Live Webinar

Unleash Your Accountants to Become Exceptional

Manual accounting processes are a top frustration of every accountant—the repetitive work, endless spreadsheets, and late nights at month-end.

But what’s the real cost? How can we change? What can we do in today’s distributed work environment?

In this webinar, Michael Shultz, Director of Strategic Accounting at BlackLine, will explore the costs of traditional manual accounting processes. He will discuss how you can measure the value of automating specific accounting tasks, identify the significant issues at your organization and change to be more efficient.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

·       Discover why manual accounting processes are not sustainable, especially given the work from home environment

·       Recognize the real costs of accounting beyond hard dollars, including risk, time, and employee morale

·       Identify key considerations for building a business case for transforming your accounting department

CPE/CPD Credit: CPE credit was available for live viewing only.

The Future of Accounting Is Here