On-Demand Webinar

UK | Concentrating the Finance Function with a Dispersed Workforce

The UK is quickly closing in on six months of social distancing and with it six months of working from home. Most corporates do not expect employees to return to an office until 2021 at the earliest, while others have already signalled their intent to make it a more permanent fixture. The accounting and finance function were quite adept at transitioning to remote working, though challenges remain to make it viable for the long term.

Control of spend and financial review are centralised into the F&A department but as the office becomes more decentralised how will the department adapt to the new, possibly permanent, working environment?

In this webinar, we will discuss what the finance function can do to ensure business continuity into the long term as the function moves virtually.

  • What does the remote finance function look like

  • Technology’s role in enabling remote finance

  • Flexibility in a changing function

  • Forecasting for an uncertain future

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