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UHY | A Foreman’s Trade: Turning Dreams into Reality [CPE-Eligible]

Think of your company and your current processes like they’re a home. Perhaps you’d like to start making improvements, but you aren’t sure where or how to get started.

You definitely need to have the right blueprints, tools and materials. But even more critical is having the right foreman (in this case, your BlackLine Implementation Partner) on the job to help you along the way.

Your foreman will make sure the blueprints are followed as well as make sure the right materials and tools are used. Why use a screwdriver when a drill will cut the build time in half? Similarly, why use excel when you can automate using BlackLine.

Your foreman needs to have the experience and expertise to troubleshoot any foreseen or unforeseen obstacles.

During this session, you will hear how Nexteer Automotive was able to overcome obstacles and troubleshoot while building their “home” by having the right foreman for the job.

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