Turn Intercompany's Distraction into Action

The need for accurate, reliable, and actionable data has never been more critical to enable your full growth potential. With Finance's attention constantly diverted by ever-changing regulations and an increasingly fast-growing transaction volume, it's no wonder that intercompany accounting has become a major distraction.

Discover the opportunity-rich area of intercompany’s three leading practices to drive automated, agile, and distraction-free operations. Our technology-enabled solutions enable you to quickly eliminate the riskiest and most inefficient parts of your process.

Join experts from BlackLine and the leading international industrial services and oil field company, Baker Hughes, for this webinar to learn:

  • How to win the transaction wrestle by embracing continuous intercompany accounting

  • The three technology-enabled solutions that overcome intercompany’s most pressing issues

  • How Baker Hughes transformed their intercompany processes, turning intercompany accounting from a burden into a competitive advantage

The Future of Accounting Is Here