The Risk of the Status Quo in Finance and Accounting

Forward-thinking finance and accounting (F&A) teams are driving transformation initiatives and their organizations are benefiting from their efforts. They are driving cost efficiencies, increasing business agility and improving overall corporate performance.

But how often are today’s F&A teams pausing to evaluate the risk of not changing antiquated practices? According to a recent whitepaper from BlackLine, the answer is rarely.

F&A Automation tools exists. So why do many organizations, regardless of size, continue to rely on time-consuming and difficult manual processes?

Register to view this webinar to learn how we explore the answer to these questions and more, including:

  • Why avoiding change exposes organizations to more risk-not less
  • The importance of an agile F&A function to compete and win in today’s business landscape
  • Why the status quo rules the back office leading to disconnect between strategy and execution
  • 7 ways that F&A professionals can embrace change
  • The risks of legacy processes for a growth organization