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Taking the Right Steps Towards Digital Finance Transformation: Duct Tape or Not?

Does your Finance team have what it takes to lead at speed? Or, like many organisations, are you burdened with legacy processes that hold you back from unleashing your true potential? What steps are you taking towards digital finance transformation?

For Finance leaders, asking simple questions like these are critical, as they help open up direct dialogue with team members, business partners, and key stakeholders. After all, digital finance is about enabling your people and improving your processes—right?  
Listen to this On-Demand webinar to find out:

  • Why you should automate, especially in our current environment

  • The risk vs. value of automation

  • The skill profile companies are looking for in new talent

BlackLine: Raymond Steenvoorde, Account Director
EY: Daan van Cann, Partner at EY
Booking.com: Rich Sinnet, Senior Controller

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