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SunTrust Bank's Transformation: Embedding Trust Back Into Your Transactions

Banks are vital to the growth of our economy. People trust banks to keep their money safe, and banks trust people to invest their money—it’s a two-way trust street.

This imperative nature, coupled with an uncertainty in the market, results in government regulation for many of the activities that occur.

And with the high volume of daily transactions and a plethora of complex services offered, a lot of manual work falls on accountants to ensure accuracy and completeness.

SunTrust realized that as transactional volume grew and government regulations remained ever-changing, manual accounting processes could not prevail—a change was necessary for their F&A team to remain productive and embed trust back into the transactions.

View this webinar as SunTrust experts explain how they transformed their processes, including:

  • Automating matching for their Federal Reserve account

  • Managing millions of transactions a month across high-volume reconciliations

  • Continuing to optimize daily accounting processes with automation

The Future of Accounting Is Here