SSON APAC: AR Front & Centre

As SSO executives, we bring tremendous value to our organization. But for too long we’ve been considered “back office” and our value has been hidden, not understood, or simply overlooked. It’s time to move from the back to front and centre!

During this webinar, attendees will gain insight on why AR solutions elevate organizational performance and create capacity by removing manual, error-prone processes and provides critical decision intelligence.

Your host brings best of breed AR Automation with 25 years of SSC and credit management experience to address the issues of cash management and successes of AR automation thus accelerating your route to more cash.

Attendees will learn to deliver to stakeholders:

  • Decision intelligence to provide insight to other stakeholders of the business – after all the accounts receivable team have responsibility for customers and cash

  • Operational excellence so our customer engagements are positive and add value

  • A team that loves the work they do by contributing to success rather than fixing process issues and putting out fires

Join us and learn how to become a business partner, rather than a cost center.

The Future of Accounting Is Here