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SSON: A Confidence Check for European Finance and Accounting

The ACCA found that more than 90% of spreadsheets contain serious errors, while more than 90% of spreadsheet users are convinced that their models are error-free. While there is something both humorous and frightening in this statistic, it is also representative of the cognitive dissonance causing stress for accounting professionals today.

A recent global survey of more than 1,500 respondents found that the majority believe their finance and accounting processes are best-in-class. Yet, respondents reported that the complexity of F&A processes, largely held together by detailed spreadsheets, increases the risk of using inaccurate financial data to drive business decisions

Join this webinar to

  • Learn the costs of traditional manual accounting processes

  • Hear how spreadsheet-based processes increase the risk of inaccurate financial data

  • Understand why scaling and preparing for the future requires thinking differently about F&A activities

  • Review a modern accounting approach that helps organisations perform accounting work quickly, accurately, and with more control

The Future of Accounting Is Here