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The Smart Approach to Implementing Smart Close

“I want to be a business partner and today I can be. I couldn’t have imagined this even two years ago.”

-Carly Knoll, Senior Manager, Finance Technology and Strategy, Campbell Soup Company

Removing all potential bottlenecks is the key to meeting close deadlines when teams are faced with hundreds or thousands of steps to complete. SAP includes some automation and workflow capabilities, but manual processes are still required to kick them off. BlackLine Smart Close automates these processes, too.

Smart Close is vital to Campbell’s goals, and as Carly Knoll says above, it enabled their organization to truly transform the year-end close. Days of work at Campbell’s are now reduced to the press of a button. Carly spends her saved time looking at data and providing insights instead of just ticking and tying. And, most importantly, Campbell’s can trust the numbers from BlackLine.

Register for this webinar to hear Carly explain:

  • How Campbell’s implemented Task Management and then leveraged Smart Close to automate their close process

  • What allowed Campbell’s to achieve end-to-end automation in the least amount of time

  • Campbell’s best practices for leveraging both products and the key improvements they saw

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