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SAP | Financial Close Excellence with SAP and BlackLine

Achieving and maintaining financial close excellence starts with confidence. For Accounting, that means assurance that financial data is complete and accurate.

Leading ERP systems like SAP S/4HANA are helping organizations simplify finance structures and streamline reporting, but complementary solutions are needed to modernize the substantiation process.

This webinar will explore the aspects of the financial close that are most ripe for transformation. We’ll highlight best practices and introduce the SAP solutions by BlackLine that enable excellence.

We’ll also discuss:
SAP does a lot. When it comes to the close, BlackLine does the rest.

  • Why the financial close should be a focus in transformation efforts

  • What substantiation involves and why it’s critical

  • How SAP Account Reconciliation and Automation by BlackLine extends core SAP functionality to reduce risk and manual effort for Finance

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