Record-to-Report Process Excellence Drives Digital World-Class Finance Performance

The record-to-report process is an essential contributor to the finance function’s value stream. Benchmark data from The Hackett Group reveals that record-to-report processes at digital world-class finance organizations significantly outperform typical organizations on efficiency, effectiveness, and experience. Join us for a discussion on how your company can optimize its record-to-report process to reach peak performance, free up capacity and drive value-creating activities while ensuring high levels of control and compliance.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Describe the quantitative performance levels and underlying best practices of digital world-class record-to-report organizations.

  2. Explain how leading companies transform raw transactional data into valuable information for other parts of the enterprise.

  3. Recognize how to free up capacity to engage in knowledge-based work.

  4. Summarize the impact of digitization on the skills, roles, and responsibilities of record-to-report professionals.

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