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The Role of Finance in Digital Transformation

We’ve been talking about digital transformation for years. However, we rarely discuss why Accounting and Finance is the most appropriate group to lead an organization’s transformation initiatives.

Accounting and finance teams operate in the real world of profit, loss, and global competition-in short, they deal with measurable results which are critical to digital transformation. These teams are also hyper focused on process automation and data-driven insights and can use this knowledge and expertise to help the organization’s other business functions.

During this webinar we’ll discuss some of the reasons why Accounting and Finance should play a central role in digital transformation and examine:

  • The role of finance in digital transformation

  • Why digital transformation begins with data integrity and process excellence

  • The executive functions that CFOs are partnering with (such as IT and Marketing) to harness the results of finance transformation

  • How Accounting and Finance can look outward to help the rest of the organization drive efficiency and business performance in the future

The Future of Accounting Is Here