On-Demand Webinar

 NA Webinar: Process Excellence for Today – a Catalyst for Shared Services

Cash is king. Debtors are one of the largest assets on the balance sheet for most organizations. Right now, managing costs, collecting cash and minimizing risk of non-payment have never been more critical. This process is often overlooked; however, we will demonstrate how Intelligently Automated Accounts Receivable can be a catalyst for the AR and Credit teams.

In this exciting session, you can learn from a Credit Professional why improving the Cash Application process transformed the Accounts Receivable and Credit Department. You'll also hear how doing so can results in the team delivering a significant improvement in cash and working capital, improved customer and stakeholder experience, reduction in costs and improved user experience.

Watch this on-demand webinar and learn:

  • How to review the success of a process

  • How AR automation in Cash Application is an enabler and catalyst for debtor performance improvements

  • How to become a business partner rather than a service provider in finance, and specifically AR

The Future of Accounting Is Here