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Controlling Your Close Inside SAP

During the financial close, removing all potential bottlenecks and ensuring that all processes are as seamless as possible can be the key to meeting deadlines—especially when companies are faced with hundreds or thousands of manual processes.

Purpose-built automation for the financial close allows finance and accounting teams to do more than just remove a few manual touchpoints. With BlackLine Smart Close, customers have an out-of-the-box solution that can automate processes from end to end and avoid some of the potential roadblocks companies often face when trying to meet their close deadlines.

Join us for a presentation by Molly Boyle, Senior Manager of Solutions Marketing at BlackLine, as well as a Houston-based energy company to understand how Smart Close helped them automate more complex tasks and achieve impactful results inside their SAP platform.

This webinar highlights:

  • The difference between RPA and a purpose-built financial close solution, like Smart Close

  • How a Houston-based energy company used Smart Close to double their team’s responsibilities and maintain the same close schedule

  • Use cases from additional customers who automated more complex tasks, thanks to the capabilities of Smart Close

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