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Overcoming Automation Stagnation: Matching More Than Just Bank Recs

When you think of high-volume transactional ticking and tying, the first use case that comes to mind is probably bank reconciliations. But the reality for Accounting is that data matching and manipulation is a large, arduous part of many processes.

Accruals, order-to-cash, and payroll are just some of the many examples of other general ledger accounts and processes that require significant manual effort to reconcile and analyze. Even if you’re using automation for some of these processes, the traditional, manual way is not sustainable for Accounting.

Join this webinar as BlackLine experts and clients come together to talk about expanding automation into additional accounting use cases. You will learn how to:

  • Identify and apply accounting automation to new data matching use cases

  • Overcome automation stagnation by matching more than just bank reconciliations

  • Make the move to modern accounting by automating the ordinary and shifting focus to the extra-ordinary

The Future of Accounting Is Here