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New From BlackLine: Open Item Clearing Automation for SAP Customers

Open items can build up quickly in SAP, and it’s not uncommon for organizations to have millions of uncleared transactions.

Open items create IT, operational, and financial challenges, slowing system performance and leading to unexpected write-offs or control issues. And the challenges span many GL accounts—cash, subledgers, prepaids, accruals, T&E, suspense, and many more.

To address these challenges, BlackLine created Open Item Clearing Automation—a guided, solution-driven approach to automating your SAP open item clearing process from end to end in the cloud.

By implementing Open Item Clearing Automation, BlackLine customers have enabled greater efficiencies, with one customer saving over 1,200 hours per month and another clearing over 98% of their open items!

But don’t take our word for it. View this webinar to hear from customers and experts how, with BlackLine, you can:

  • Save time

  • Improve resilience

  • Enhance controls

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