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New Year, New Close

Spreadsheets Are So 2019

“Wow, my close was so smooth and error-free this month”—said no accountant, ever.

How often are you spending long hours at the office, especially during the close? Unfortunately for many of us, this probably happens far more often than we’d like.

You’re not alone, and there is a better way.

Traditional manual accounting is not sustainable, and in a survey by The Hackett Group, nearly 70% of F&A leaders say manual effort is the number one bottleneck in the financial close process. That’s time that could be better spent elsewhere… like, outside of the office with friends and family.

Let’s make a change in 2020. Join BlackLine and Vaco for a discussion that will help you achieve your New Year’s resolution: spending less time on the close and more time on you.

During this webcast you will learn:

  • How to make the move to modern accounting

  • The challenges associated with the traditional, manual reconciliation process

  • How guided and connected technology can streamline your close

The Future of Accounting Is Here