Match Made! BlackLine & RGP Help Your Transactions Find Their Match

Any accountant that’s dealt with the arduous tick-and-tie process for high-volume reconciliations knows the job is far from the Valentine’s Day cliché, a “match made in heaven”.

Love is typically not in the air when you’re spending the majority of your time manually matching transactions in spreadsheets.

With new revenue streams, technology, and accounting standards, transactional volume and complexity is only increasing—which makes finding a perfect match for your transactions that much harder.

Experts from BlackLine and RGP will explore how modern accounting solutions can automate the manual tick-and-tie process, so that you can keep up with transactional growth.

Join this webinar to learn:

  • Fundamentals of automating the “busy work”
  • Different transaction matching use cases
  • Accounting automation in practice at multiple large, transaction-heavy organizations