Mapping out an Achievable, Virtual Close

Mapping out an Achievable, Virtual Close

Manual processes have traditionally been one of the biggest challenges for accounting teams. These challenges are being magnified as teams shift to a distributed workforce. Accountants must adopt new ways to effectively collaborate so they can close on time with confidence.

Although navigating this new reality can seem daunting, Finance and Accounting have a unique opportunity to adapt and lead their organization’s digital transformation. The good news is that a modernized close can be implemented quicker than ever before, even in these uncertain times.

Join us for a on-demand presentation on how to map out an achievable, virtual close.

Topics will include:

  • Why manual accounting processes are not sustainable, especially as teams work from home

  • The real costs of Accounting beyond hard dollars including risk, time, and employee morale

  • How to rapidly adopt modern accounting with an expertly curated playbook for close automation essentials

The Future of Accounting Is Here