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Making the Move to Modern Intercompany Accounting

Modernizing intercompany accounting can have a tremendous impact on an organization, but alignment is key to success. That’s because for many global organizations, intercompany processes are a challenge, often driven by complex regulations and local reporting requirements. At the same time, underlying activities also are heavily dependent on manual effort and require significant cross-functional finance and accounting collaboration.

Join us as Chad Soltman and Katie Thayer, of BlackLine, discuss steps your organization can take to improve intercompany accounting processes and, as a result, reduce risk and cost while gaining productivity.

Learning Objectives

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Explain why manual intercompany accounting processes are not sustainable.
  2. Discuss why your enterprise resource planning (ERP) system isn't designed to handle intercompany accounting.
  3. Recognize the complex challenges of intercompany processes.
  4. Identify key value drivers of intercompany accounting processes, including cost savings, productivity gains, and risk reduction.
  5. Discover top intercompany use cases for technology to address.