On-Demand Webinars

IPO Readiness for Finance and Accounting

The future of your company hinges on how effectively you navigate the intricacies of “going public” and “being public.” To help ensure success, assembling an IPO-readiness team with unique expertise, specific industry knowledge, and a proven track record is critical.

Join BlackLine and expert partner, Connor Group for an in-depth discussion about preparing for and planning life as a public company.

Designed for your executive, finance, and accounting teams, this 60-minute interactive webinar will highlight:

  • Key lessons learned from initial public offerings

  • How to transform your people and resources

  • Putting internal controls where they belong - front and center

  • Improving productivity, efficiency, and transparency across the finance and accounting function

Plus, you’ll learn simple but powerful solutions to help you establish a financial foundation that supports, not scandalizes, your success in the marketplace.

The Future of Accounting Is Here