IOFM: How to Break Out of the Manual Cash Application Trap

Getting paid on time can be a challenge in times like these. But applying customer payments to open invoices is even harder for many businesses.

New forms of digital payments, decoupled remittance details, fragmented systems, and the shift to remote working is complicating the processing, matching, and application of customer payments.

Cash application is the cornerstone of the accounts receivable department, and modernizing this process creates more time and empowers your teams to release cash from customers more quickly.

In this webinar, we will explore how Cash Application’s intelligent automation is allowing AR teams to:

  • Modernize their cash application process and realize outstanding value that goes far beyond efficiency and cost reduction

  • Spend their time on actions that drive results, such as chasing customers for cash instead of remittances

  • Improve experience for internal and external customers

  • Provide AR professional with more fulfilling roles that contribute to success rather than fixing the challenges of outdated processes

The Future of Accounting Is Here