Introducing BlackLine Cash Application

Make smarter, more accurate finance and credit decisions with BlackLine's newest solution: Cash Application.

Powered by AI and built by finance professionals, Cash Application matches customer payments against outstanding invoices to turn payments into cash.

View this webinar to see how you can modernise cash application with intelligent automation to reduce:

  • Unapplied cash by up to 99%

  • Manual activity by 85%

  • Days sales outstanding by 5-10 days

This webinar is hosted by Brian Morgan, a former customer of BlackLine Cash Application with Veolia, and now a customer advisor for BlackLine users. Brian shares how his team at Veolia managed to reduce unapplied cash from over $20m to less than just $1k by automating their Accounts Receivable processes.

The event also features a 15-minute live demo of BlackLine Cash Application.

View this CA ANZ Exclusive webinar brought to you by BlackLine: Introducing BlackLine Cash Application.

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