BlackLine Webinar

Introducing AR Intelligence with Cash Application

All too often, hasty, misguided, or blind decisions are frequent and costly, especially for finance teams. How do you make decisions now? Would you be more confident if you had access to data which helped improve the accuracy of your decisions?

With AR Intelligence - BlackLine’s newest product offering, you can now use financial data from your Accounts Receivable function to help drive your decisions, smash your KPIs and  deliver better outcomes for your organisation.

55% of finance leaders say manual processing of data is their biggest weakness. With AR Intelligence combined with smart automation of their cash application processes, teams now have customer payment behavioural data at their fingertips in real-time, which means they can improve how they manage risk, cash and collections collectively.

Join us to:

  • Improve decision-making with real-time customer financial insight

  • Learn to analyze customer patterns and behaviours across the entire customer base (even with several ERP systems in operation)

  • Provide teams with simple, intuitive, effective, interactive data to make decisions on the fly

This webinar will be hosted by Brian Morgan, a former customer of BlackLine Cash Application with Veolia a BlackLine AR customer, and now an advisor for BlackLine users.

The event will also feature a 15-minute overview of BlackLine AR Intelligence.

The Future of Accounting Is Here