ICH Roundtable Virtual Event

Disparate systems. Manual processes. Convoluted agreements. Non-compliant pricing. Complex transactions.

Intercompany accounting can be a perfect storm of frustration, complexity, and inefficiency. And even when you think you’re making progress, your work-arounds could be inadvertently exposing your company to high risks, or regulatory fines and fees.

Clearsulting and BlackLine co-hosted a virtual roundtable luncheon on the important topic of intercompany accounting. We gathered advice from experts and your peers on how to get control over your integrated processes. We also share how BlackLine’s Intercompany Hub (ICH) can help you to reduce risk, save time, and boost global visibility in real time.

We offer insights on:

  • Common risks and bottlenecks in intercompany and global accounting

  • Best practices for intercompany governance

  • Value drivers and business cases for intercompany transformation

The Future of Accounting Is Here