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How To Drive Effective, Continuous & Collaborative Change Management

Digital transformation and technology go hand in hand. But technology is only part of the equation. In order for an organization to realize the full benefits of their digital transformation initiatives there must also be a clear strategy around change management.

According to McKinsey, “when people genuinely invest in transition, a transformation is 30% more likely to stick, making it a vital way to tangibly increase the ROI of digital.”

View this webinar as we explore why an effective change management strategy is essential for successful digital transformation. We’ll discuss the risks that organizations face if a clear strategy is not in place, and practical steps on how to get started by:

  • Building team change to help drive the overall mission and vision for change

  • Putting your change management strategy into practice

  • Proactively tackling key barriers to transformation

  • Incentivizing change, empowering ownership, and enabling talent

  • Accurately measuring process performance

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