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How to Build a Finance Team of the Future

As companies devote increasing attention to automating tasks that traditionally have been the domain of finance, CFOs are taking on greater responsibility for raising the value of their finance teams to their companies. Instead of relying on manual processes to generate financial reports, the finance team of the future will apply the latest technological advances to provide a company with a panoramic view of its overall performance, as well as analysis to guide decisions about what aspects of its performance the company needs to improve.

During this Webcast, we will highlight key priorities for developing your finance team in 2019 and beyond, including how to: and contribute to your company’s strategic decisions.

  • Identify, and then reduce the amount of time your finance team spends on, tasks that lend themselves best to automation;

  • Improve your finance team’s visibility into financial and nonfinancial information about your company’s performance;

  • Build up your finance team’s analytical skills, particularly with forecasting and scenario planning; and

  • Elevate your finance team’s value to your company by providing your team with the training and resources it requires to inform and contribute to your company’s strategic decisions.

The Future of Accounting Is Here