On-Demand Webinar

APAC | How Finance Teams in Higher Education can Build Confidence in Uncertain Times

Higher education institutions are faced with great economic uncertainty as they adjust business models in response to current and future challenges.

Confronted with a reality, finance and accounting teams in higher education can look to building greater adaptability as institutions explore new models in the quest to adapt and build confidence for the future.

Guest speaker and independent consultant, Greg Hill will share his experience in higher education and business technologies to help uncover the key actions F&A teams can take to be a more strategic partner to the business.

Through this webinar, we will share with you how BlackLine can help F&A teams in higher education to:

  • Automate manual processes to support greater focus on strategic business initiatives
  • Achieve better visibility into current state financial metrics to build trust in reporting
  • Improve control of financial close processes
  • Easy identification of exceptions and focus more on critical measures
  • Discover the ability to connect data with decision making and confidence

A Q&A session will also be facilitated to ask questions to our BlackLine experts.

We look forward to having you join us for this session.