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How can CFOs make the finance function an automation leader?

Getting digital technologies embedded in the finance function is an uphill struggle. For a start, FSN’s research finds that spending on customer-facing systems outweighs investment in finance systems by a factor of 2:1 (if not more) and the very best digital talent doesn’t see working on finance systems as career enhancing! Furthermore, IT is often seen as the natural owner of automation. Yet crucial processes such as the financial close rely on finely tuned automation, especially in the current climate where so many personnel are working from home.

So how do CFOs overturn these obstacles and turn the finance function into automation leaders?

To help answer and debate these issues Gary Simon, Leader of the Modern Finance Forum on LinkedIn, will be interviewing Bob Kurpershoek, Head of Financial Systems & Strategy Group at NBCUniversal Media, LLC a global US headquartered conglomerate and an innovator in the media sector with many popular brands such as NBC News, Dreamworks and Universal Pictures. Bob is a truly inspirational automation leader, and together with Gary, they will be discussing FSN’s latest research and debating how to spread digital knowhow to the finance function, how to upskill finance professionals to be ‘digital citizens’ and how to embed automation in core financial processes such as the close.

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