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Have your Transactions found Their Match?

Matchmaker, matchmaker,

Make me a match.

Find me a find,

Catch me a catch.

Your transactions are seeking their perfect match, but as a manual matchmaker, spreadsheets may be getting in the way.

Shared workbooks, formula errors, and numerous worksheets increase the risk of errors while consuming far too much of your time.

A process automation solution can help your transactions find their perfect match. It accurately automates your bank, credit card, intercompany, and invoice-to-PO transactions, so you can identify issues more quickly and avoid surprises.

Join EY and BlackLine for this webinar to learn how to:·

  • Automatically match any type of data from multiple sources as transactions occur

  • Easily identify and create correcting journal entries from unmatched items

  • Eliminate the insanity of ticking and tying spreadsheets and focus on investigating discrepancies

The Future of Accounting Is Here