On-Demand Webinar

Guide to Executing a Remote Audit with BlackLine Compliance

The current COVID-19 outbreak has impacted businesses worldwide, and many F&A and audit teams are now conducting their review of company financials and controls from a remote location. This can create coordination challenges, especially around obtaining necessary control evidence and supporting documentation, and ensuring proper workflows and reviews to complete the audit.

BlackLine has multiple areas of functionality and tools to help overcome these challenges. This webinar will highlight our Compliance solution, an integrated, cloud-based solution that improves control management and audit efficiency.

Join BlackLine product experts to learn how to:

  • Overcome new and emerging challenges with remote audits

  • Capitalize on the work you’re already doing in BlackLine to streamline audit processes

  • Gain benefits like real-time visibility, increased collaboration, and reduced audit time and cost with BlackLine Compliance

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