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From Accounting to Analytics: Essential Skills for the Finance Team of the Future

Companies are increasingly automating tasks, especially those related to accounting, that used to be assigned exclusively to their finance teams. The more easily a company can make a business case to automate the finance function, the more essential it is that a finance team elevate its value by honing its analytical skills, and its ability to collaborate with other departments, in order to inform and contribute to the company’s decisions.

During this Webcast, we will explore:

  • How advances in automation will require finance teams to devote less time to performing accounting tasks and more time to developing analytical skills,

  • How finance leaders will enable their companies to apply the latest advances in analytics by forging partnerships with departments and business units beyond the realm of finance, and

  • What skills, training, and attributes finance teams will need to support and sustain successful companies of the future.

The Future of Accounting Is Here