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Show Those Bots Who's Boss

Most of us recognize that automation is creating huge shifts in what we do, both personally and professionally. Our day-to-day activities are now being done by various apps, including how we communicate, bank, and travel.

And while we are becoming more comfortable with these personal changes, there are still some questions and even fears around how this will impact our professional lives.

Terms like Artificial Intelligence, blockchain, and Robotic Process Automation have created some concern around whether they are going to replace us or work with us.

Join Susan Parcells, Vaco’s Practice Director of Finance Transformation and Jeff Ramsey, Vaco’s Partner and National Director for a live webinar. They will discuss:

  • The changes Finance and Accounting organizations are facing

  • How we can use these changes to shift how we add value.

Let’s work with automation and bots, not against them!

CPE Credit: Please note that CPE credit was issued for the live webinar only.

The Future of Accounting Is Here