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Five Steps to Evolve Your Legacy Record-to-Report Process

Continuous Accounting represents an evolution of the traditional Record-to-Report process, enabling finance teams to perform tasks at times when they make the most sense from a business and process perspective rather than tying the tasks to a rigid accounting calendar.

Join this webinar and learn how Dun & Bradstreet is able to use a Continuous Accounting approach to eliminate non-value work, quickly centralize key finance and accounting functions, and increase transparency, visibility, and accuracy during the entire close process across 70 operating entities worldwide.

You will also learn about the key steps to transitioning your finance team to Continuous Accounting:

  • Identifying batch activities and breaking them down into logical work units,

  • Making the completion of these work units part of standard workflows,

  • Examining business triggers and moving tasks from calendar to event-based scheduling,

  • Automating tasks as much as possible and creating routine processes for non-automated steps,

  • Monitoring these processes and intervening immediately when anomalies are identified

The Future of Accounting Is Here