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Financial Close Excellence with SAP and BlackLine: Part 3

Despite recent trends toward digital transformation and a new wave of ERP technology, many accounting teams still rely on traditional, manual processes to close the books. In other words, the close is chaos with a deadline.

But it doesn’t have to be. This webinar series will explore aspects of the Financial Close that are most ripe for transformation and share best practices for accounting teams. Experts from SAP and BlackLine will introduce the SAP solutions by BlackLine and highlight four common use cases for the complementary solutions:

Webinar 3: Reconciling Transactions

Throughout the month and during period-end close, accountants spend a disproportionate amount of time reconciling, or matching, data between sources. Automating those processes puts the focus back on higher-value tasks. In this episode we’ll cover:

  • Common transaction matching use cases

  • How SAP solution extensions by BlackLine can scale and automate processes, saving time, enabling continuous accounting

Part 1: Balance Sheet Substantiation
Part 2: Journal Entry Processing
Part 4: Intercompany Accounting

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