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How Top Finance Leaders are Transforming Business Today

The digital economy is driving a new era of Finance and Accounting transformation. Finance leaders are facing disruption on all fronts, while continuing to act business stewards and strategic advisors to the board. Advances in SAP technology, such as data analytics, have enabled finance departments to move away from mundane administrative tasks and play a more strategic role with organizations.

So, what makes an effective finance leader in this new paradigm? How do finance leaders prepare for this change, and what do CFOs need to do differently to improve company performance and make the most of their technology investments?

  • The six traits that differentiate cutting-edge finance leaders

  • How to address the changing requirements and challenges currently facing finance professionals

  • How innovative CFOs are leading the next phase of digital transformation for greater automation, speed, and insights

  • How your organization can benefit from financial transformation

  • How automation can strengthen accounting organizations by liberating accountants from time-consuming, mundane tasks

  • New innovations in SAP’s Finance Solutions

The Future of Accounting Is Here