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Finance Innovation Week: Digital Transformation: Disruption with a Purpose

When it comes to making operational improvements, tradition suggests to “throw technology at it and things will get better.” Digital Transformation is more than just technology. It is the essential, intentional and deliberate disruption of people, processes and technologies to enable alignment with a company’s strategic vision. It is the act of intentionally and positively disrupting the status quo to yield greater results.

This presentation discusses:

  • Why you need to condition your organization for change

  • Why you should embrace positive disruption and the benefits of disrupting the status quo

  • How purpose-driven disruption is both intentional and deliberate

  • The importance of establishing and communicating your strategic vision to steer your journey

  • The value of Business Process Optimization – driving innovation and leaning out processes

  • Where to begin improving your business processes

  • Why technology is only part of the solution

  • Creating ongoing efficiencies and productivity

  • Building a continuous improvement culture

  • Instilling employee passion and ownership from the beginning to sustain change

The Future of Accounting Is Here