Finance Automation: Unleash Your Accountants to Become Exceptional

A progressive shift is taking place within finance and accounting departments. As automation solutions increase efficiencies, improve accuracy, and decrease risk, management accountants can finally focus on the bigger picture—driving strategic opportunities, providing forecasts, and evaluating business decisions.

During this webinar, Molly Boyle and Katherine Becraft of BlackLine will reveal what’s required of modern accountants and show you how to unleash your teams to become exceptional.

After this webinar, you will be able to:

  1. Apply best practices, so underutilized team members can become exceptional accountants.

  2. Discuss how to transform the way accounting and finance work at your organization.

  3. Recognize the importance of modern accounting to attract and enable talent, instead of losing staff to burnout.

  4. Describe the power of finance automation and how it strengthens F&A organizations.

The Future of Accounting Is Here