On-Demand Webinar

FEI U.S.: Trust is in the Balance

Building and maintaining trust is more important than ever in this unprecedented time of uncertainty and rapid change.

Before we entered this new “normal,” a recent survey found that only 38% of accounting professionals said they completely trust the accuracy of their financial data .How confident are you in the numbers being produced by your newly distributed teams?  

Cloud-based technology platforms are designed to liberate finance and accounting teams from the most time-consuming manual tasks, so you can finally become a partner to the business and fully trust the accuracy of your financial statements. 

But to successfully close with confidence, it’s critical to embrace change.

Join this event to begin adopting a new mindset for how things are done. You will learn:

  • What you can do today to free your time from the most mundane daily tasks
  • Strategies for building trust with and for your CFO
  • How technology can give you the time you need to partner with the broader organization