On-Demand Webinar

Ensuring Greater Speed, Accuracy & Security Across the Bank Reconciliation Process 

A traditionally time-consuming exercise, the end-to-end bank reconciliation process requires heavy IT involvement on the front-end and manual review of large transactional volumes by accounting teams throughout the period.

Kyriba’s streamlined connectivity complements BlackLine’s solutions by securely and automatically feeding bank files and statements from each of your individual banks into BlackLine for automated reconciliation and substantiation. This dramatically reduces the time, money, and multiple integration layers typically required to manage, unify, and reconcile these transactions, and frees up capacity for your team to focus on what matters the most.

This webinar with BlackLine, bank connectivity leader Kyriba, and process transformation specialist Clearsulting will cover ways you can:

  • Embed greater technological resilience to support growing business complexity

  • Provide greater assurance of data integrity across the end-to-end bank reconciliation process

  • Increase visibility and standardization across the greater finance organization

  • Support sustained growth and innovation by combining process improvements and change management

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