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Blackline & SAP Journal Entry processing

This webinar, the second in our Financial Close Excellence webinar series with SAP, is focused on streamlining journal entry processes.

Even the most innovative and efficient ERP solutions cannot automate every accounting entry. Many business transactions occur outside of SAP and require judgment and input from accountants. As a result, preparing, approving, and posting journal entries is a normal and essential activity for accountants. Yet many organisations rely on time-consuming and spreadsheet-driven processes that slow down month-end and add complexity to audits.

Automating, standardising, and integrating the manual entry process can save time and reduce risk for Accounting.

In this episode, we’ll cover:

  • Common pain points and challenges associated with journal entries
  • Why modernising the journal entry process is worthwhile?
  • How SAP Account Reconciliation and Automation by BlackLine extends core SAP functionality to save time and simplify audits

Register now to attend this webinar. SAP does a lot. BlackLine completes the process, and is the only solution extension that exists within the financial close.